The end of phantom markings: marking removal without compromise with traffic-lines marking removal additives.

Use our traffic-lines’ ex series marking removal additives and benefit from first-class and residue-free marking removal results, without damaging the road surface. Thanks to our special chemical composition of organic solvents and surfactants, you’ll obtain surface-friendly and residue-free results on bituminous and concrete surfaces when removing old markings. All additives are readily biodegradable in accordance with OECD Guideline 301 D and thus environmentally friendly.

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For the removal of markings on sensitive and heavily used substrates, we’ve developed our patented traffic-lines ex series marking removal additives.

They soften the bond between the pigments and the coating’s binding agents.

The marking removal additive traffic-lines ex 1.0 is especially suitable for the marking removal of one-component, low-solvent 1K high solid paints, dispersions and for the cleaning of hot and cold plastics. With traffic-lines ex 2.1*, you can use our further development for the marking removal of cold plastic, KSP or 2K paint. Further applications are many and varied and are currently being tested. The composition of our marking removal additives is unique and is based on many years of test results

Use the traffic-lines marking removal additives for removing old markings and benefit from the first-class and at the same time environmentally friendly cleaning result. Even graffiti can be removed with traffic-lines ex 1.0 and 2.1* without leaving any residues. Order your marking removal additives conveniently in our online shop soon.