traffic-lines stands for team performance

If you stop getting better, you've stopped being good.

Philip Rosenthal

At traffic-lines we offer our customers our maximum innovation and reliable service.
It is important to know a good team behind you to get a little better every day.

We are proud of our dedicated, creatively thinking and dynamic team. After all, it is the daily performance of our employees that makes the results you experience with our products possible.

With us, you always have one contact person for your concerns and still have the strength of the entire traffic-lines team behind you. Maximum progress and performance with the necessary overview.

Get to know us personally! We look forward to your call.



Jan Cernota


Sandra Moll

COO Chief Operating Officer

Lisa Hering

CFO Chief Finance Officer

Vanessa Sonntag

Office Manager

Project business

Large-scale projects

Mareike Zenz

Project Manager

Jennifer Ilg

Project Manager

Daily business

Lars Brengmann

Project Manager

Martina Feiden


Melanie Schneider

Operation Manager

Niklas Fohr

Student Employee

Helena Ferger

Daniela Ramaj

1. Lehrjahr

Marketing & Sales

Shanti Normann

CMO Chief Marketing Officer

Sandra Moll

COO Chief Operating Officer

Selina Simonis


Tatjana Sinner

Project Manager Assistant

Lucas Bienewald


Personnel & Accounting

Manuela Cernota