KNOW-HOW since 1995.

Our expertise is your added value.

According to the definition, a specialist is “an expert with a certain area of expertise”. And that is exactly what we would like to be for you, as a demanding customer.

Based on our know-how and many years of expertise, we are the experts to develop solutions and special solutions for your project. Together with our specialized partners, who share our high standards of quality and functionality, traffic-lines is a professional and reliable partner for you and your project.

Our services

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Hydraulics
  • Electrical engineering
  • Metalworking


  • CE certification
  • EC mechanical engineering certification
  • Welding certificates

Our special projects

A565, Rhine Bridge Bonn North
Renewal of the walkway equipment

A40, Rhine bridge DU-Neuenkamp, FR Essen
Vehicle differentiation system
Weighing system (weight-in-motion)
Rejection of vehicles over 44t permissible total mass