More than just weighing: vehicle differentiation using traffic-lines

Differentiating vehicles and preventing them from driving on certain stretches of road or bridges is becoming an increasingly complex challenge. The requirements for vehicle differentiation systems (VDS) for measuring and weighing vehicles are likewise becoming more and more complex.

traffic-lines thus offers you a fully digitalised and modularly designed solution so that you can react flexibly to the requirements of your deployment site and in this way protect ailing structures from overloading. Commercially available axle load measuring sites usually deliver inaccurate data and cause errors that make their measurements unusable. With the vehicle differentiation systems from traffic-lines, you get a system that can be used in a wide variety of ways.

Bild Fahrzeugdifferenzierung Straße + Ampeln + Autos + Schilder

Thanks to the large number of fully automated and redundant systems that are built into our VDS, you can rely on the accuracy of their measurements. In front of the narrow section of road that shouldn’t be passable for every vehicle, a weighing and measuring station is set up that registers each passing vehicle. It is automatically weighed and its dimensions recorded. If a vehicle exceeds the predefined maximum values, it is diverted with the help of traffic lights and barriers. With their modular design, our VDSs can be flexibly adapted to the needs of your site and are ready for action for you within a very short time – anywhere in Europe.

Our VDS can be used on single or double-lane motorway sections and can be connected to any existing barrier or traffic light systems. Thus vehicles that are too heavy can be stopped and diverted at an early stage. Vehicles that exceed defined maximum values can be detected and diverted.

Bild Fahrzeugdifferenzierung Straße + Ampeln + Schilder

Take advantage of the potential of traffic-lines’ vehicle differentiation systems and benefit from our innovative management options for vulnerable lane sections and structures.